This is the Burgh’ers you’ve come to know and love, now with our very own house brewed beer! The beer will hold true to Burgh’ers core FARM TO TABLE TOP TO BOTTOM beliefs…


Great food and drink that is organic not ordinary, quality not quantity, fresh not frozen, local not commercial, unique not usual, friendly not formal, passionate not half-hearted is an experience rather than just a meal. We are THE Healthy Burger Choice! 



Burgh’ers is a true farm to table restaurant serving food grown in PA and the tri-state area. That means all most everything including the bun is local and grown on a farm at organic or higher standards. This increases the health benefits because the food is grown in mineral rich soil. Now all the beer, spirits and wine are local too!


We have been recognized by the James Beard House for sustainability for the mushroom blend burger project.  Almost Everything in the restaurant is made in the USA or reclaimed! The bar and wood tables even came from fallen trees in Butler and Allegheny county.