We want to serve healthy high quality food in a welcoming environment that everyone can relate to and afford.  We have the opportunity to help strengthen and support the community by buying local and building relationships with surrounding business. We also want to inspire and teach people basic cooking skills, using local food that is grown at or above organic standards. We get to help people eat, buy, and live a healthy, less environmentally impactful lifestyle. We also seek to challenge the food business to become increasingly aware.

Every decision we make is based of a set of principles rooted in our business, These rules are:

  • What's best for our employees

  • What's best for the customer and experience?

  • How does it taste?

  • Where does it come from?

  • Most importantly, what’s the environmental impact?


We are constantly thinking about how to make something better tasting, more attractive to the customer, and more sustainable.


chef fiore moletZ

Entrepreneur and Chef Fiore Moletz is the founder of the award-winning Burgh’ers Brewing and Della Terra Italian Bistro

Moletz’s passion for local and natural food was something that has been ingrained in him since he was a child.  Raised by a single mom, they rarely dined out, so his exposure to restaurants was only through working in the local Pittsburgh food industry, starting at the age of 15.  

Thinking that he was missing out as he would listen to people rave about the food at the very places he was working at, his exposure to food was only through the meals cooked at home.  Those meals were all made with ingredients from local farms and friends’ gardens.  When he finally did get the chance to partake in dining at the popular dining establishments, he realized that they didn’t measure up to the fresh and local dishes he had been eating his whole life.  This was a turning point. 

Fiore worked his way up through the restaurant business, eventually landing at chef Lidia Bastianich’s restaurant “Lidia’s” in Pittsburgh under Chef Craig Richards. It was there that he used his knowledge of fresh and local ingredients combined with basic techniques that were learned at previous jobs.  His journey took him to different locations at Bastianich’s restaurant group including Kansas City, Italy, and New York - learning everything that he could along the way. 

In 2005 he returned to Pittsburgh and started at Il Pizzaiolo helping with their fresh pasta production and learning from the chefs & Pizzaiolos from Naples. 

Burgh’ers first location opened in 2010, and it is here that Fiore is able to establish his own style of cooking in the most sustainable way he can – and always using fresh local ingredients!